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28/09/2003 Under 'News' you can get now further information about industry-relevant fairs world-wide and schedules for sat shows!
24/09/2003 There is a new area called 'Sat-Community' in the gallery, where you can see a variety of antennas owned by visitors.
23/09/2003 Navigation structure extended on three levels (see also the sitemap).
03/09/2003 14,179 cities from Germany in the 'AZ/EL Calculator'!!!
Hence, German cities have to be manually looked up.
01/09/2003 'Satellite launches' 2005 and 2006 added.
31/08/2003 In the 'AZ/EL Calculator' you can now make an export of all needed data of all visible satellites at your location.
28/08/2003 1,553 cities from outside of Germany now in the'AZ/EL Calculator'!
25/08/2003 International pictures gallery created.
Snapshots of prime focus antennas from Bucharest/Romania.
27/07/2003 All 'hyperlinks' can now be sorted by the country.
22/06/2003 New pictures of the Gibertini 85 cm
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